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Author Guidelines

When registering your account on APS, make sure you select the tick box Author:

: Able to submit items to the journal.

Thereafter, your submission should meet the following guidelines:


  1. Length: Articles should be no more than 8000 words, excluding footnotes.
  2. Referencing: APS uses The Chicago Manual of Style ( See especially Of the two systems identified in The Chicago Manual of Style, APS Pneuma employs the notes and bibliography system (humanities style – not the author-date style). We recommend authors consider using the services of a bibliographic program such as Zotero or Endnote.
  3. Style:
    1. Avoid excessive capitalization.
    2. Do not use bold or capital letters.
    3. Use commas to clarify the syntax of sentences.
    4. Provide section headings.
    5. Use gender inclusive language.
    6. Title page: include the manuscript title, followed by the author’s name, affiliation, address and email address.
  4. Abstract and keywords: abstract should be no more than 200 words, and followed by a list of two to five keywords that indicate topics central to the article.
  5. Submission: authors agree that in submitting a manuscript to APS, that it has not been published previously (in part or in whole) and will not be submitted to any other journal while still under consideration by this Journal.
  6. Consent to publish: By submitting a manuscript, the author agrees that the copyright for the article is transferred to the publisher if the article is accepted for publication. At that time the author will need to sign a consent to publish form.

 For enquiries about articles, please contact the Editor, Rev Prof Jacqueline Grey (


We aim to review important books in Pentecostal studies, plus other theological, philosophical, historical and social scientific books which we believe will be of interest to readers of the journal.

Most reviews are invited by the book review editor, but we will consider unsolicited reviews.

 There is no particular length or prescribed format for reviews, though reviewers are asked to be concise, and most reviews are around 1000 words.  Reviews may be edited for length, clarity, style, and tone. Any conflict of interest by reviewer should be declared.

 A review should briefly summarise the book and place it in context.  The most important part of a review is the evaluation, which should not be merely an expression of the reviewer’s opinion of the book, but a well-evidenced argument about the value of the book for readers of the journal.

 For enquiries about book reviews, please contact the Book Review Editor, Prof Paul Oslington (

Special Issue: The Spirit’s Voice from the Margin

Only contributors selectd by Low and Riches can submit an article to this Special Issue entitled 'The Spirit’s Voice from the Margin: Disentangling Australasian Pentecostalism from White Hegemony.'

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