Editorial: Pastoral Theology into the 21st Century


  • Chris Simon Southern Cross College


Pastoral Theology presents-in many ways-the most important continuing challenge to the church! For it is the integration of theory and practice. Too much theory, and the church can become a sterile place marked by 'head knowledge'. Alternatively, too much practice and the church can become a pragmatic institution ruled by societal trends-if it works, it must be good. Pastoral Theology seeks to wed the two aspects of Christian ministry. We do not automatically assume that if a church is big and growing that God must be blessing it, and neither, alternatively, can we assume that if a church is not big and growing, that God has perfected His will among the local "elect".

Author Biography

Chris Simon, Southern Cross College

Chris Simon has been at Southern Cross College since August 1998. Prior to that he was in pastoral ministry for thirty years and was also a part-time faculty member of the Charles Sturt School of Theology. Training at St John's College in Morpeth, NSW. Chris subsequently earned degrees through the University of New England, Fuller Seminary and the Sydney College of Divinity. He is head of the Department of Pastoral Theology & Practice and looks after curriculum development. Married to Kathryn a trained nurse, they have three adult children.




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