Mapping the Fall: Understanding Narcissism


  • Bruce Stevens St Marks National Theological Centre, Canberra


Sometimes the most committed Christians are the most psychologically disturbed. It is possible to combine a lively faith and yet be almost totally blind about personal limitations-even glaringly obvious defects. Psychologists call this a lack of insight. I would like to introduce and then explore the area of what I call 'unconscious sin'

Author Biography

Bruce Stevens, St Marks National Theological Centre, Canberra

The Rev. Dr Bruce Stevens (PhD, Boston University, 1987) is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist in private practice. He was in full-time Anglican ministry for 15 years and continues to teach part-time as a Senior Lecturer in Pastoral Counselling at St Marks National Theological Centre, Canberra which is part of the School of Theology for Charles Sturt University. He has published two books and numerous articles.




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