11 Review: Martin, Pentecostalism: The World their Parish


  • Mark Hutchinson Southern Cross College


11 Review: Martin, Pentecostalism: The World their Parish

Author Biography

Mark Hutchinson, Southern Cross College

Mark Hutchinson was foundation Director of the Centre for the Study of Australian Christianity 1991-1999, after serving as senior researcher on the 25 Year Macquarie University History Project under the direction of Prof Bruce Mansfield. Since then, he has been senior lecturer in Society and Culture, Macquarie Christian Studies Institute, and Head of the Church History Discipline at SCC. He is Associate Director of the Currents in World Christianity Project, based at Cambridge University, UK. He has produced numerous publications with Prof Mansfield and with Ed Campion along with a number of articles and reviews. His research areas include the history of migration and religion, Pentecostal and charismatic movements, and the development of historiography and historiographical thought. He currently teaches in history and society at SCC and acts as an advisor to the Academic Board as well as the Co-ordinator for the Distance Education Program.




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