Studies in Guidance: Donald Gee as an Interpreter of Saint Luke


  • Mark Wilson


How to receive guidance from God remains one of the biggest issues of practical theology that Christians struggle with in their spiritual lives. This reflective article examines the subject of divine guidance as addressed by a leading Pentecostal Bible teacher from a previous generation, Donald Gee. The article begins with a case study concerning how the author was ‘guided’ to Gee and his writings. Because divine guidance is a major theme in the book of Acts, Gee in his volume Studies in guidance looks to Acts for numerous examples to illustrate his discussion. The majority of the article focuses on Gee’s exegetical development of this theme as he presents persons, situations, and outcomes in Acts related to divine guidance and their application both to individuals and to congregations. It assesses Gee’s effectiveness in exegeting these texts. The article concludes with an excursus that discusses briefly how Gee’s exegetical method contributes to the development of a pneumatic hermeneutic in Pentecostal/charismatic scholarship.


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