Theology and Philosophy of Amos Yong

The First Twenty Years

  • Drenda Butler Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Reflecting on the work of Amos Yong is a daunting task. From my perspective as a graduate student committed to research in Pentecostal theology, I believe a compelling argument can be made for describing Yong as the most influential contemporary Pentecostal theologian. On more than one occasion, I have felt inspired with an “original idea,” only to do preliminary research and discover that Yong has already written an entire book on the topic. Perhaps, then, part of Yong’s legacy is keeping ambitious young scholars like me humble. Not only is Yong’s work important for its breadth but also for its influence beyond the world of North American Pentecostalism.

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20th Anniversary Celebration of Amos Yong's Discerning the Spirit(s)