Dialogue Sustained

The First Twenty Years of Amos Yong’s Theology

  • Christopher A. Stephenson Lee University


The arrival of the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Amos Yong’s first major work is an occasion especially ripe for assessing his voluminous theological contributions. That first book, Discerning the Spirit(s): A Pentecostal-Charismatic Contribution to Christian Theology of Religions, became the first installment in Yong’s sustained engagement with the relationships among Christianity and other religions. It also gave readers the first substantive insight into the methodological engine of not only Yong’s theology of religions but also of his investigation of all of the major topics that have surfaced in his work since then—including religion and science, theology and disability studies, political theology, and theological interpretation of Luke-Acts.

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20th Anniversary Celebration of Amos Yong's Discerning the Spirit(s)