Amos Yong and Weaving a Hermeneutics of Love


  • Jacqueline Grey Alphacrucis College


It is a delight to reflect upon the theological contribution of Amos Yong on the 20th anniversary of his publication Discerning the Spirit(s). Yong’s work has greatly influenced me, particularly in my continuing work on pentecostal hermeneutics. This article is an exploration, inspired by the work of Amos Yong, on the intersections between love, the Holy Spirit, and biblical hermeneutics. It is essentially an interweaving of ideas inspired by the work of Amos Yong. While the corpus of Yong’s work is too large to engage with, this exploration takes as a starting point Yong’s Spirit of Love. It then weaves together some threads from other Pentecostal scholars who also explore desiring God and the affections. It then adds threads from biblical hermeneutics, looking at Lee Roy Martin’s “affective approach” to reading the biblical text while interweaving those ideas with some of Yong’s earlier work. It finally interlocks these ideas to weave a “hermeneutics of love,” based on Yong’s reading of the parable of the Good Samaritan, to demonstrate how a reading of biblical text can move us towards the telos of love for God and neighbor.




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20th Anniversary Celebration of Amos Yong's Discerning the Spirit(s)