The Holy Spirit

A Helper in Pentecostal Research Endeavours

  • Jamys J. Carter University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom


Pentecostals acknowledge the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit in all areas of their lives, often narrating this in forms of testimonies. Pentecostal academics likewise experience the leading of the Holy Spirit both towards the research endeavour and during the actual research. Whilst narrative and testimony have been commonly used by such academics, the specific acknowledgment of the role of the Holy Spirit in the research process has generally not been made evident. This paper uses semi-structured interviews to explore the experiences of Pentecostal academics regarding the leading of the Holy Spirit towards and during their research, as well as the lack of published acknowledgment of that leading. This paper argues for making explicit a Pentecostal approach that acknowledges the role of the Holy Spirit in Pentecostal research.

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