Pentecostal Women Pioneers and Leaders of Malaysia

Testimonies and Stories


  • Tryphena Law Pek Leng Pursuing Liberty Under Christ (PLUC) Ministries
  • Andrew Ling Siew Lim Bible College of Malaysia


This work celebrates some of the key women leaders of pentecostalism in Malaysia. Written by Ps Tryphena Law and Ps Ling Siew Lim, the life and ministry of these women are presented as ‘dictionary’ entries to provide an introductory background and understanding of the significance of these remarkable women. While providing essential background, this work also utilises the form of ‘testimony’ from the pentecostal tradition to identify the work of God in their lives. The women celebrated in this work have been identified as key women leaders of pentecostal in Malaysia by key Malaysian leaders. They include: Ps Wendy Ching Poh Chee, Ps Tryphena Law Pek Leng, Ps Teo Kwee Keng, Ps Dorcas Wong Lai Meng, Ps Wong Yin Ming.





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