The Spirit and Leadership

Exploring Person-Centred Leadership through the Lens of Pentecostal Spirituality


  • Michael D. Young Pacific Rim University, Honolulu, Hawaii


The assumption that leadership theories can be imported into ecclesial environments needs to be critically examined. Pentecostal spirituality provides an opportunity to engage in such a critical analysis of the compatibility of leadership theory(s) as a valid expression for communities.  The interpretive strategies employed by Pentecostal spirituality serve an alternate to the positivist methodologies that dominate leadership theory. This paper will explore the person-centred theory classification of leadership theory espoused by John Dugan through the lens of Amos Yong’s pneumatological imagination as the primary expression of Pentecostal spirituality. The critical examination will produce concrete applications for the incorporation of Pentecostal spirituality into the leadership practices of spirit-filled communities of faith.




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