Pentecostal Spirituality Across the Disciplines


  • Jacqueline N. Grey Alphacrucis College


While Pentecostalism began as a mechanism for renewal, their understanding of how renewal is enacted has shifted over time. This is perhaps reflective of their changing eschatology. If renewal in the earlier Pentecostal community emphasised separation from the depraved and corrupt world, renewal for the present Pentecostal community—particularly in Western contexts—is about transforming the world. It is a shift from an other-worldly outlook to a this-worldy emphasis. This shift is perhaps most reflected in our engagement with society and culture. Pentecostalism today seeks to be an alternative community that is shaped by the biblical narrative that overflows in mission to the world and engagement with culture. This perspective is reflected, albeit in different ways, in each of the articles of the current issue of Australasian Pentecostal Studies.




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